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Drivers possible issue to game performance

Question asked by me262schwalbe1 on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2020 by me262schwalbe1

I just got my laptop back two days ago from rma.
Before I was able to run ryse son of rome I had 40 plus fps on high settings and never had the frames drop to 18-27 fps like it is now.

I must be missing something here.
I know it is not my machine,because the parts are brand new.
I tested Rome II and Attila and it ran fine.
Then I tested Resident evil 3 and Doom Eternal and they ran fine.

I also,noticed that re3 had cutscenes audio were out of sync when they were talking thier lips did not match with their words.

I know it is not the other games or hardware of my machine.
It must be either obs settings or some steam settings or radeon drivers...
But I cant seem to figure it out yet.

I need help narrowing it down.
Any help identifying the reason for the frame drops and audio sync problems with cutscenes would be appreciated.

Windows 10 64bit
Ryzen 7 1700
Rx 580 4gb gram
32gb of ram
Radeon 20.7.1
Bios version 306
GL702ZC-WB74 Model Asus

P.s.I updated all the windows updates and drivers I could find for my model.

I am not asking for driver help,but rather support for next Radeon driver to be patch fix for my Model and Graphics Card Series.

Rx500 series .

I want to know if there is going to be a new driver that could fix and balance out issues with older games and newer games.

Ryse son of Rome,Resident Evil 3,

Doom,Rise and Shadow of the tomb raider,

Resident evil 2,Resident Evil Operation Racoon City,Rome II total war and Attila total war.

All DX 12 related games and DX 11 games support fix

In the next upcoming Radeon driver for Rx500 series Graphics.