Collection display in viewport not consistent with final render

Discussion created by rulianh on Jul 15, 2020
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I am starting to use RPR for personal project in blender, and I notice an unexpected behavior regarding collection visibility.


The test is a simple cube in a collection called "test" inside another collection called "source" :
The collection test is instanced in the scene ( because I noticed the issue while using instance and trying to hide the source to the render )
Bellow the test scene ( cube going inside the plane is the original one, the cube on the plane is the test collection instance )


Base scene

The source collection is hidden for rendering so as expected if I do a regular render here is what we get :
normal render ( NOT VIEWPORT )

But with the same set up, in the viewport I still get the source collection to show :

viewport render

To be sure I even unchecked the "visible in viewport" icon in the outliner for both, and it works only for the instance collection :


So this is a bit annoying, because I can't really get the viewport rendering to work as I want when I need to test a scene with instances because the sources of those instances are always visible.
However, for final render, it is not a problem and it works as expected.


Thank your for your help


OS = Windows 10
Software = blender 2.83
RPR = 2.4.11

File dropbox link : Dropbox - collectionViewportVsRender.blend - Simplify your life 
To reproduce the issue, simply render the scene using viewport render, and then render the scene using top menu render > render image.