RX 5500XT VR render issue

Discussion created by curious_pineapple on Jul 14, 2020
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So this is a really odd issue that I have eventually narrowed down to something graphics related.


I've put together a VR setup using a PSVR with iVRy for the HMD and using Driver4VR and a Kinect for tracking and controllers. I had it working fine on my old Xeon workstation (Westmere era) until a Windows Update hosed it. I reinstalled on another SSD and had this odd rendering bug where the game was rendering what the player model was facing, not where the VR headset was facing. I had GPU driver issues on that machine and could only use the Feb/March version, it was causing a CPU watchdog timeout and forcing a reset. I swapped it out for my old FX machine and eventually got it working, how I have no idea.


Last weekend Steam did what Steam does best and updates things, which caused it to break again. Spent 2 days at it and got nowhere. VR games work fine if I manage to minimise the monitor window before it starts displaying anything, but are unplayable otherwise.


I posted a YT vid here to show the problem:

The top view is the SteamVR output, bottom left is headset and bottom right is the VRChat stream camera which I have set pointing directly forwards in relation to the player pose. Obviously the game is unplayable in this state, and it's not just VRC. Beat Saber does sometihng similar where the handles end up de-rendered and the menu vanishes. Steam Home goes one better and just fixes the camera position which is really disorientating when it happens.


When this happens the SteamVR dashboard won't display when pressing the system button. The game pixelates and the chaperone circle appears on the floor but the dash is nowhere to be found.


Today as a last ditch attempt I got out the GTX 1050 that the RX replaced, and it works perfectly. Performance is obviously a complete pile compared to the RX, but at this point it seems like a GPU/driver issue.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated, unfortunately returning the card is an option as I still have an open return with Amazon for the crashing issue that affected the Xeon machine. I'd likely end up taking a hit on VRAM and getting a GTX1660 Super 6GB, more performance and currently the same price.


Thanks for any advice or help :