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Primary/descrete gpu settings

Question asked by kessler on Jul 14, 2020

Hi all,


I am confused by the meaning of this.  I have 2 RX580 Red Dragons.  In the Adrenalin software settings for global graphics the cards are listed as.....gpu1 RX580 primary/descrete…..gpu2 RX580 descrete.  I play exclusively Lockheed Martins P3dv4 flight simulator and when I add the game to Adrenalin the game graphics don't differentiate between the two gpu's.


I use a multi monitor setup which includes a projector for the outside view.  This projector is connected to gpu2, the descrete one, and its the outside view that is the most important for me. Where I am confused, is that I can't seem to tell much difference in the graphics settings in either the global graphics settings or the game settings (set from within the Adrenalin software) on the gpu 2.  They look pretty much the same, so I have a couple of questions.  firstly if I don't add the game to Adrenalin and just use the global graphics settings, and then just max out the settings on gpu 2,will those settings be used? Then, if I leave the settings maxed out in global graphics but then add the game to adrenalin, will adrenalin use the game settings over the global settings?

I also have intel integrated graphics on my mobo - Asus Z270 A prime, and two monitors are connected to this. The other 4 monitors are connected to gpu1, the primary/descrete card, 3 of which are in eyefinity.


I am unsure if this setup isn't actually creating conflicts between the 2 gpu's and the onboard graphics or not.


Sorry for the confusion!