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Version 20.7.1 excessive CPU usage on idle.

Question asked by iboolguy on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by iboolguy

i7 8700K @4.8GHz

Z370 Gaming Pro carbon AC

4*8GB @3600MHz

MSI 5700XT Gaming X
Vega 64

Windows 10 Pro


Just a week ago I gave my PC a fresh windows installation, because I was having issues with my 5700XT unnaturally overheating. The fresh installation did not solve my issues. The card still idles at 75C with fans off. In-game? I don't even like to look, it reaches hundreds both normal and junction temp. But all that is besides the point.


Point was, I'm on a fresh windows installation, latest drivers.

And, only with this version of the drivers, I've noticed unnatural CPU usage at idle. Coming from the "Radeon Software: Host Application".


So that is my question, what is happening?