CPU Fan speed and EDC on 100% at startup

Discussion created by sudoper on Jul 14, 2020

Recently I started to get this problems when starting the PC my CPU fan runs at max and in Ryzen Master I See EDC is at 100%, while of course temperatures are normal (and all other values in RM). I've seen some similar topics here and as I understood some of them fixed it with changing the power Setting mode in Win10 to balanced, but for me this is already the case, and has been always. I also never overclocked my CPU or in general changed anything about my PC in last 2 years (which is how long I use it).

This is my rig:
Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Ryzen 5 2600X 6C 3,6MHz


Nvidia GTX 1070Ti


When I turn my PC on and off again then it doesn't happen again (at least until this day), or if I leave the PC turned ON the CPU Fan and EDC gets back to normal after 3-4 min.


*NOTE: In sc below for RM you can see relatively normal values when everything works fine, only EDC jumps to 100% of 125A when starting the PC, together with CPU fan speed (it gets very very loud) ...