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Radeon FirePro S7150x2 EOL?

Question asked by david_janicek on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by fsadough

We are a relatively small engineering office, with quite a unique IT-Infrastructure. AFAIK we are the only ones in our country doing proper Virtual GPU stuff in this kind of "line". The downside of this is, we are bit budget constrained.


We are in the process of updating our existing Citrix VDI. However, right now, you either have the option to "go all out" with Nvidia and be in astronomical price ranges, or you go a bit cheaper with direct passthrough and AMD RadeonPro GPUs. Tried Microsofts new GPU-P, which i seem to can not get to work properly (card shows up, but that's about it), so that's a nogo.

However, since HA is also one of the things we would like to retain from our Grid K2 systems, i thought about going the "used" way and get some FirePro S7150x2, since they seem to be supported by XenServer 8.2 LTSR (which in turn is going to be supported till 2025...).


I would like to know, how long AMD is planning on supporting the S7150x2 with drivers? And also, if there are alternatives? The V340 seems to have gone, Instinct Mi25s are unavailable (let alone drivers seem to be nowhere to be found) and nothing newer than the S7150x2 seems to be supporting MxGPU.


The alternative would be to put 4 W5500 GPUs in our shiny, new EPYC Servers...however, that's more like a "last resort".