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GPU Voltage RX 5700 XT Jumps

Question asked by day_m7 on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello! I have a Gigabyte RX 5700 XT GAMING OC and wanted to find out if it is normal for the tracking programs (GPU-Z and Wattman) in the Core Voltage (GPU Voltage) section to have constant jumps from 725mv to 1200mv, even on the desktop. What is the reason for this? During games, either something in the middle, or the same jumps


My PC:
be quiet pure power 11 600W
Ryzen 3600 BOX
Asus b450 TUF plus gaming
SAMSUNG M378A1K43CB2-CTD DDR4 - 8GB 2666 (2x)
Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Gaming OC