brute force workload

Discussion created by hardcoregames™ on Jul 13, 2020

I have long been into computer chess. I have some files I wanted to protect from dodgy optical media using PAR2 files.


The old standby choked, guess 32-bit has outlived its usefulness. So I had to find a 64-bit version and I was able get a tool that was public domain so licensing was generous.


Anyway protecting 1.12TB of data, calculating Solomon Reed codes for 8192 blocks (2802 files) and 2% redundancy. MD5 can detect errors, PAR2 can fix them.


My CPU was run to the wall with 75%++  usage with all cores saturated and 75% of my RAM in use.


Execution time, more than 16 hours. Not bad at all for my R5 3600 with 32GB DDR4-3200, not bad at all. Score one for team red for brute force calculating capability.