Screen freeze and monitor turns off after 20.4.2 Update

Discussion created by onurk95 on Jul 12, 2020

I updated my rx 580 driver to 20.4.2 on 24 jun. After this I got crashes 2 times, 30 jun and 11 july. First time i was in a website. I clicked a link in same website and pc crashed. Firstly screen freeze for 5 sec, sound stucks and monitor takes itself into passive mode but pc still running. Second time, i was surfing on youtube, i watched video for 2 minutes, when i move mouse, it crashed like before. After this crashes i restart computer, mainboard info screens resolution becomes 640x480 then windows 10 start loading and it is turns back to 1920x1080 normally. No issues while gaming, temps are good. I don't know is it hardware issue or driver issue.


Sorry, my english is not very good