Ryzen 5 3600 low clock speeds and voltage in games

Discussion created by uwuboll on Jul 11, 2020

So I've run my setup including a ryzen 5 3600 on a b450m msi motherboard and a radeon rx 590 for a few months now and honestly my biggest bottleneck was always my 6 year old screen, but recently I have noticed that i got really shitty performance in games well within my systems capabilities (i.e. Witcher 3). I found out this was due to the cpu even LOWERING clock speed and maintaining idle voltage when I play games. I have no idea how this issue came to be since i was playing on normal performance one day and the next (without any updates to software to my knowledge) i just kept getting amazingly choppy framerates. Compare; Witcher 3: before was set to 60fps max which it held consistently, now only achieves an average of 15 fps on highest settings. The CPU even tends to drop temperature once i start a demanding or semi demanding application. Does anybody have any idea what i could do about this?


EDIT: I also found out that my GPU is consuming a very low amount of power, as does the CPU. I updated my PSU just last week as i figured before it might be the problem, but that didn't change anything