Green Screen on rx 5700 xt 50anniversary

Discussion created by yik315 on Jul 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by gabriel08

Hello guys, like 1 week ago i got my rx 5700 xt anniversary, so far soo good runs like a charm. 

But i allready hat 2 green screens completly random, one was while i was watching youtube ( it was on 900 voltage 1850 mhz i think) and the other one was when i played some league of legends ( runs like crap btw even with my old 7580 or so it runned better) i just dont know if my GPU is bad or if its Drivers or maybe HDMI kable, since i never had this problem on my old card that i have for like 5+years i think.


Screen just goes completly Green, but i still hear sound and every think. idk what this is maybe some one nows, other whise i just send it back and get an rtx 2070 


Edit* have ryzen 5 2600 on Stock settings

16 gb ram 2933 mhz

b450m gigabyte

650W power suply


Sorry for bad english my friends