Constant high voltage with 3700x

Discussion created by zackptg5 on Jul 10, 2020
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Seemingly max voltage is being constantly pushed to my 3700x (fluctuates between 1.42 and 1.45V) at idle. I installed latest amd chipset drivers and regardless of power profile, nothing changes. Changing max processor state to 99% of course drops it down but that isn't a solution to the problem.

I checked ryzen master and hwinfo which both show this. CPU-Z also does as does my bios (Asrock x570 Taichi).

PBO doesn't change anything and so I ended up undervolting to 1.2V in ryzen master for now with 4.1ghz all cores (and of course it sits on 1.2V 24/7


I've seen many reports with this back in 2019 which was supposedly fixed by chipset updates but I'm on latest chipset and latest stable w10 build (2004) and the problems back. Any ideas?