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Black Screen After Installing Drivers

Question asked by ugurcav on Jul 8, 2020

Well, as I was playing a game (League of Legends) yesterday, my screen turned black after the loading screen. But I was still hearing the game's sounds.

At first, I tried restarting my computer, a couple of times in fact, but it didn't work. So i said, time for a fresh start. So I formatted my windows and installed a new one. Everything was fine until I tried installing drivers. It went fine until like %80 percent, then the screen went black, came back again, went black and that was it. I waited for a while then I restarted again but still, black screen after the bios screen as usual.


So after I went through these stuff, I uninstalled the drivers with DDU and tried older driver versions, didn't help.
Because I have an APU processor, I uninstalled my graphics card from the morherboard and tried installing drivers with the APU, didn't work.
I tried Windows 10's automatic updates, didn't work.
I tried installing the drivers without the Adrenalin software, still didn't help.


As a result, I am about to go crazy. If there is anyone that experienced this problem before, and managed to resolve it, I am open for suggestions. Thank you.




Asus A88XM-A MB

Sapphire R7 265 GPU
1 TB HDD etc etc.