Ryzen CPU Temperature Spike

Discussion created by gever on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by misterj

Need help with my pc (3900x / asus C7H / noctua nh-u12s push & pull setup)


Can someone explain this behavior? temps constantly jumping from 45c-70c up and down


Even in bios i get 60-65c , all settings on auto, enabled d.o.c.p , bios updated to last version (3103).


When i use windows power saving mode temps are 40-45c, but the cpu package power (SMU) is still 30W idle , any tips to reduce power draw and put all cores to sleep while idle? without using power saver mode and reducing clock speed to 2200mhz..?
I've seen THIS post and i don't understand how he achieved this


Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english