Installing drivers makes fps super low, uninstalling drivers increases fps dramatically

Discussion created by zderps on Jul 8, 2020

Hi i'm new to this website and I have a rx 560 2gb. I have a problem with my drivers/gpu itself which is really acting strange. The Interesting thing about this problem is that the games run completely fine after I uninstall the drivers and when I install the new/recommended/old drivers, my fps goes extremely low in every game. I can't even play some games cause it requires latest drivers. When I play with the drivers uninstalled fps is normal but when I shut down my pc for the night or put it to sleep the games will have poor performance after. So I just uninstall the drivers and just play until I need to shutdown again. An example of this is in a game Valorant, I uninstall the drivers and my fps goes up to 200+ but the moment i install recent and or old drivers, my fps gets stuck 50-80.

 (Sorry for my english, its terrible)