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Freesync recommendations by AMD?

Question asked by zargan on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hey guys,


normally the internet is full of threads and questions about this topic but the people in the internet are driving me crazy. :-D

They are all so disunited in terms of freesync...


I  tried many things with driver settings to get an optimal global setting for freesync.

On this point there are 3 ways which work good for me and it "feels" like very balanced:


Freesync + Vsync on (Ingame) + Anti Lag

Freesync + Vsync off + Radeon Chill (cap FPS at -3 from display Hz)

Freesync + Vsync on + Radeon Chill (cap FPS at -3 from display Hz)


The last one for me is a bit weird because I dont get it how Vsync will be triggered while the FPS is capped below monitors Hz.


Is there any official statement by AMD themself which can answer me the question which of that choices is the "right way to go"?


There is a posting by an AMD employee on reddit which says that you dont should cap FPS with freesync and just use  vsync. But thats an very old statement and everything else is working good too.


So... Its ridiculous how many people say something different and nobody knows exactly how it should work. ^^


Thank you.