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stock thermal pads for a reference amd vega 64

Question asked by ownedge on Jul 7, 2020


i have a 2017 sapphire reference design Vega 64

can someone tell me what are specs of all stock thermal pads for reference design Vega 64 ?

also my backplate doesn't have any thermal pads and i see some other reference design vega 64 with thermal pads

for ex :

do you know the spec of all that thermal pads ? i can see on my backplate heat happen here so i think it's a good idea i put thermal pads here too


and last, i see custom cooler for that card (heatsink model / watercooled model) that cool thoose too, do i have to put thermal pads here too ?

thank you


 and here when i ask sapphire :

thank you