AMD 3500u Vega 8 (Lenovo S340 15")

Discussion created by jankale on Jul 7, 2020

Hello, at the beginning of the year my parents bought me a laptop and I am basically happy with it, but now I went to 3D design courses and there I began to study 3DsMax, Rhinoceros, Revit programs and I understood that the computer would not quickly produce a result (render), but it started get very hot at some point and now I began to notice that it heats up even while visiting regular sites and also quite strongly. Tell me, can I continue to work with such heavy programs or can this lead to a computer breakdown? I have the impression that it breaks, but while it is working properly, I have studying the branch on your site https://community.amd.com/community/prorender/3ds-max/content I should to remove it from my knees, well, you have the site is even more or less heavy, but it heats up even on this type of site. Perhaps it should be taken to a service center in advance?