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drivers crashing while using minner

Question asked by 8ag5 on Jul 7, 2020

so i think my drivers are crashing while using phoenix minner. 

at random times the minner will stop and crash.

i will look at my performance tab in the radeon software and it says 99% gpu usage with nothing running at all.
i go into task manager and it says one of the amd service programs is loading it,guessing the drivers are crashing??????

if i restart the mining software without doing a system reset is just keeps minning at 0.0 mh/s and then keeps restarting the software as it detects its not working correctly.

i have done multiple ddu runs in safe mode, i seam to have issues with every new update amd release.

is any one else having issues??????

i game with the same card and its great runs  at 2050mhz no problems.

amd reference blower fan card 5700 xt

running 1293 - 1294 mhz @750mv

vram 1800mhz 

90 to 95 watts

current temp 49c 

junction temp 55c

these numbers are steady and don't move when mining 


and help is very appreciated before i open yet another case with amd again for the 5th time this year...................