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Radeon RX Vega does not meet minimum requirements

Question asked by snowmandk on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by hardcoregames™

My PC had a BSOD a couple of days ago, and after that games switch between just crashing or causing a BSOD.

I did a DISM and SFC, with no errors.

I then decided to use AMD's own cleanup tool, which apparently even deleted the drivers that came with Windows 10.

I then installed the latest Adrenalin version available for my Vega 64.

During the installation, it showed an error about a missing dll for OpenCL, but it completed the installation.

As suggested by the installer, I ran it again, and this time it didn't show any errors.

But now the compability list in Adrenalin shows that my CPU is a low-end, and my RX Vega 64 doesn't even meet minimum requirements on several of my games.

Anyone have an idea as to what is going on?
I have attached my DXDiag, and a screenshot from the Adrenalin software on the Compability page.


Adrenalin Compability List