COD MW crash for AMD drivers issue

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Hello everyone,


Since I'm really upset with my AMD GPU. I come here along to see if anybody can join this topic and make some pressure to fix it.


We all know, Nvidia have the big piece of the cake. I have heard, in some way, games use to play better in Nvidia GPU.

This time I test it by myself now...


My PC config:



I mainly have PC for download some videos, edit , browsing and play few games. Right now , only playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare. ( only playing at Battle Zone mode)


COD MW crash


The problem:  


It crash.  Sometimes takes 5 minutes to crash, sometimes take 1 hour to crash, but it does, A LOT! 




I had test everything I could find relevant info @ internet. Nothing works. Finally, I was really upset and mad. And wanted to test another GPU. 


I bought , second hand, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB. 


Guess what ... works perfectly fine, his performance it's a bit less, but man, you can play it without any worry ! 


Same PC, same directX version , everything same, less Nvidia and AMD drivers of course. I uninstall and install each one at his time. Uninstalle before unplug the GPU and ,  plugin new GPU and install new drivers. 


with this empiric test, without being and Engineer, I been test it's problem of AMD drivers.


Few notes;


of course I had check for the lasttest drivers. It's updated. Actual version 20.5.1  from 25/05/2020.


I know AMD Radeon Softwares app crash  because after game crash I tried to open the software and seems bugged, do not open rigth, also at bottom tray, next to Windows clock.  It appears multiple icons of Radeon Software. 


windows try radeon software


I hope you will join this thread if you have the same problem. Let's see if we are a good group and we can push for it to be fixed. 


Buy an AMD GPUsince theoretically for its price it was much better than the Nvidia.
But if I know that it gives so many problems, I would have invested a little more money. = (


Let me know your opinions. 


Regards from Spain.




Updating ; 


Another problem, not important to me, does not catch the temperature of the GPU.



Tray bug, after crash. Sometimes I see 3 icons there. ( always after a crash)