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cant update driver, and my driver only shows "AMD Radeon R7 series: with no number

Question asked by spentcobra on Jul 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by kingfish

i logged into my apex legends today, and was playing, but started having problems for no reason. when the game crashed it continued to say drivers were not up to date or none was installed. i checked in my device manager and it said there was no updates for the one i had installed, so i went to the amd website, and it asked which version i had, so i looked again in my system info, and it said simply, "AMD Radeon R7 series" with no number anywhere. i am just using a simple desktop that i bought stock and i havent made any modifications. i am just trying to find out which driver to install, or how to update my current one. please help!