AMD X Series Chipset Storage Software (AHCI Drivers)

Discussion created by maxli86 on Jul 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by elstaci

I have been a long time AMD users since Phenom era but I have noticed for Ryzen platform. 
For so long there have been no development on AHCI drivers nor storage application
and I would like to understand why? 
There is a article advising users to use Microsoft in build AHCI drivers. 


However I find it skeptical that there is RAID driver but no AHCI drivers. 
RAID drivers cannot be used in setup with 1 HDD but even with 2 HDD. 
Some are using combination of SSD and HDD so not possible to RAID them 
as the performance are vastly differently. 


I feel that when comes to storage software, AMD is lacking in this area. 
Intel wise there is the Intel rapid storage application, it provides driver and the application
to check and monitor disk drive connected in the system. 


If any HDD is faulty it will prompt on Intel system but on AMD unless you launch third party tool 
or through BIOS than you can check whether the storage connected are faulty. 
I would like to see if a AMD storage application to monitor the disk drive in the near future.