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Trouble with textures since new monitor.

Question asked by cayco on Jul 5, 2020

Hey all,

Recently I've noticed that many textures in games look really grainy. I first noticed it when I bought a new monitor (see below) and set up a duel monitor setup. Once I noticed the grainy textures, I removed the old monitor as my first troubleshooting step. I've spend weeks now troubleshooting possible solutions.

  1. Changing settings in the AMD software.

  2. DDU drivers and fresh install (settings are now set to default).

  3. Changing cables (HDMI and DP).

  4. Making sure all settings in windows relate to the monitor settings and updated drivers.

  5. Tried it on different monitors.

  6. Tested the PCIe slot ( bandwidth)

Set up:


7 3700x

Coolermaster 800w PSU

hyper X 16x2 DDU4

TUF Z360 plus wifi

AOC 27" 144hz monitor

Any ideas? I've attached a picture to show you the general problem. The clearest part of the grainy texture is just under the O in cloudpunk. This has been a problem now with Metro exodus, Vampyr and Totalwar Warhammer 2. In these, there are these grainy textures and terrible jagged lines.