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Amd Drivers

Question asked by coostin1 on Jul 3, 2020
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Computer type : laptop(Acer Aspire es1-521)

Gpu:Amd radeon graphics r5

MotherBoard:Acer BELLEMERE_VE bios v1.07


psu: i don't know

case: -

operating system : win 10 2004

gpu drivers: 17.4.4 amd drivers

background applications : clean win 10 applications (nothing installed except for amd drivers)

So i have a problem with amd drivers newer than 17.4.4 on my laptop.Anything that is newer than this gonna create desktop stuttering except for audio(mouse stuttering too).I've tried to rollback to windows 8.1 but nothing changed and on my manufacturer site the only display driver that i saw was a vga driver from 2016(amd catalyst driver) and for bios the single version that i could find for my motherboard was from 2016.If anyone know what to do , please tell me.