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rx5600 xt underperforming like a 1050

Question asked by sockle on Jul 3, 2020

Hello i just got a radeon rx 5600 xt and its underperforming really hard. my other pc parts are : 16 gigs ddr4 3000 mhz ram Mobo : gigabyte GA-ab350-gaming 3 and a ryzen 3 1200, i know its a bottleneck but my old graphics card even does better r9 290x. I watched a youtube video where someone with a rx 5600x and a ryzen 1200 (same as mine) got 120 fps on warzone (same settings) and i got around 40. and games like league of legends i get around 70 fps on medium settings. Yes i have the latest drivers, also i got my rx 5600xt today so its brandnew. Can anyone help?