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AMD graphic driver problems

Question asked by toxy on Jul 2, 2020

So I have a Lenovo G505s with AMD Radeon HD 8550G / Radeon R5 M200

I Haven't used this laptop since 2017 and just installed a fresh windows 10 on it. I installed Radeon software program and get a message that is in the attached documents. I saw online to go in windows safe mode and uninstall it then re-install it with all antivirus / firewall /defender off. I did this and get the same issue. I tried amd catalyst and get the same issue. It used to work back in 2017 now I can't seem to get it to work at all. I went into device manager and it says it's working correctly. I clicked update on the display drivers and it said I was all up to date. I went online to search as best as I could to get drivers and still goes to the same error. Any ideas on what might be wrong?