amd chipset driver x570 probleme

Discussion created by darkshirata on Jun 30, 2020
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i have just build a new pc

cpu: ryzen 3900x

CM: gigabyte x570 UD

ram: DDR4 G.Skill Flare X Noir - 16 Go (2 x 8 Go) 3200 MHz - CAS 16


I installe windows and boot correctly

But when i installe chipset driver for x570 ( the new on amd site or the one in gigabyte CD )

The cpu fan stop and never turn and the temps go ti 100 degrès in ryzen master

and pc don't rebboot.

i must clear cmos and when i can boot to the bios i saw my cpu temps has a negative temp -55


I must reinstalle windows 10 for all work normaly.

After many test i saw that if i install chipset driver without AMD Ryzen™ Power Plans

all work without probleme


Can someone tell why ?