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Ryzen 3900X high temperatures

Question asked by ms_sloth on Jul 1, 2020
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Hi everyone,


so i've read some things about high temps with the new Ryzen 3000 series but mostly from last year. 


My CPU temps are going crazy. Using Windows Energy Saving power plan, i'm at about 40°-65° C when browsing & watching youtube.

As soon as I switch to the Ryzen Balanced i'm usually between 50°-70° C. I don't think those are normal temperatures for a CPU under such low load. 


I haven't tried gaming yet but running prime 95 will give me temps about 65° after 5 Minutes (Windows Energy Saving powerplan). Switching to Ryzen Balanced won't give me much higher temps here.


I find that behaviour really weird. When i'm doing basic, low load stuff the temps spike up to > 70° C leading my fans to go crazy every couple of minutes. While putting it under stress won't do much.


Picture one shows you HWInfo while running prime 95, picture 2 shows you a couple of minutes just browsing.


Here is my System


Ryzen 3900X

Crosshair Hero VII (Wi-fi)

G Skill F4-3600C17-16GTZ (Running basically at stock because I Thought the D.O.C.P might be broken, i've just set the speed to 3200)

GTX 1070 TI

BeQuiet ShadowRock 3