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My secondary graphic card is always disabled (GPU BIOS)

Question asked by pankler042 on Jun 30, 2020

My technical informations:


-Windows 10 Home Single Language - x64


-Graphic Cards: AMD Radeon R6 Graphics (Primary)

AMD Radeon R6 M255DX (Secondary)


-Processor: AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 1.90 GHz




-Lenovo Z50-75 80EC Laptop


I can't use my secondary graphic card in games.


I have tried to switch it in "Windows graphic settings", but high performance and low performance are both using same graphic card (Radeon R6 Graphics).


I can see both graphic cards in AMD Adrenaline 20.5.1, I can change settings, but I can not use Radeon R6 M255DX.


I have tried to open AMD Crossfire, this setting is activating but still Radeon R6 M255DX is not working.


So I downloaded GPU-Z program and looked at the details of graphic cards and I saw that BIOS version of Radeon R6 M255DX is typed Unknown. Radeon R6 was not like this. It is typed normally and working normally. I am adding this to attachment.


So I understand that I broke the GPU BIOS someway. I think I must reinstall that but I can't find vBIOS files anywhere. Can you help me, how can I fix this?