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Adrenalin 20.5.1 Software does not recognize my graphics card

Question asked by bradcor on Jun 30, 2020


I need urgent help, the audio and video editing programs that I use ask me to update the drivers for my graphics card. At the time of doing it, it was updated to the version of Adrenalin 20.4.1 and then to 20.5.1 but in the panel of this software it does not show the name of my graphics card (AMD R7 M440) attached a capture so that you can see the place at that i mean.
This causes errors in the programs that I use since the graphic card is not used correctly. My version of windows is 2004
Please how can I solve it?

Initial control panel

Initial control panel



Graphics card performance panel with a program running rendering.Graphics card performance panel with a program running rendering.