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SATA cards

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Looking over B550 boards I see that they mostly come with a measly 4 SATA ports.


This has been a long standing problem so I have long had SATA cards galore.


4 port cards are very low cost, 8 port cards are all over the dial. I have one with a port expander chip on it to reduce the need for another PCIe lane.


Another problem is gimmicked slots, can the southbridge be so cheap. Am I am unreasonable to want to put a device in a slot. I use a PCIe card for WiFi. new standard, i can yank the card and replace it. My X570 cannot use all of the slots, which is stupid, all that is needed is to deploy another lane on the crossbar.



The SATA card is below the RTX 2080 and a blue SATA cable is present to connect a DVD drive. I have 6 front panel bay so I could install 6 BD drives. Overkill but I have lots of hard disks, if you saw my steam library you would understand.