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BSOD on RX 5700 XT

Question asked by walteraa on Jun 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by mstfbsrn980

Hi there,

Recently I bough my XFX RX 5700 XT RAW II and sometimes I am experiencing BSOD with Bug check code 0x0000010e caused by driver watchdog.sys at address +40e0


This issue happens mostly when I am playing Call Of Duty moder warfare.


Driver version: 20.5.1


My sepecs are:
Mobo MSI Z390-A pro
Core i7 9700KF Coffee Lake
Water cooler Deep cool 120mm
RAM XPG Spectrix 3200Mhz 32GB (2x16GB) (XMP enabled)
SSD M.2 XPG 512GB 3500 Mb/s read speed / 3000Mb/s write speed (OS and softwares are instelled here)
SSD SATA 3 WD green 480GB as secondary disk for data 545Mb/s read speed / 500 Mb/s write speed
Font corsair 750W PFC (I've tried installed the power suply for Video card in the same 8x/6x input and in different ones, same issue)
OS Windows 10 Home Version 1809

I am looking for a definitive solution for this issue, I tried some things like different 6x and 8x pins from different inputs, configuring the settings for the game, using the standard profile instead of e-sports and gaming, but no success.


One thing I noticed is that: Even the Call of duty graphics settings is saying that configuration I am using(I am using medium configuration) gonna use 2300MB of VRAM, the Radeon software shows I am using 74% of VRAM after some hours of gaming.


Can someone help me? I am really regretful to bough this card due to this issue, if someone can give me a solution or even an effective workaround for that I would be really greatful.

P.S.: I've attached a screenshot of the BlueScreenView(software to see BSOD history and informations)