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RX 5700 XT Black screen crash Cache Hierarchy Error in Event Viewer

Question asked by jasonjylin on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2020 by notflawless

Summary of Issue: Black screen crash into restart on every single game, happens more during alt tabbing, and sometimes some screen tearing is present when tabbed out of a game which leads into a crash. playing game is almost completely fine


Also I am getting two cache hierarchy errors for different cpu cores on every crash, event viewer logs are posted in album below, link for specifics events is here:

cache.evtx - Google Drive 





Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max (BIOS: 7B86vH6)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 11 700W

Display: 60 hz AOC monitor, no freesync or anything, connected through VGA -> DP dongle (have tried hdmi)

System Memory: 2x8gb Team T-Force Vulcan Z 3200mhz (xmp on)

GPU (VBIOS): Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700XT 8GB (VBIOS:

OS (Version): Windows 10 x64 (Version: 19041.329)

Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.2 , (have tried 20.4.2 and 20.5.1)

Applications: Every single game

Background Apps: Discord, Spotify, Chrome, Steam, Origin, etc (HARDWARE ACCELERATION DISBALED ON EVERYTHING)

Radeon Software Settings: Everything disabled



It ends up with a random black screen -> audio cuts off -> pc restarts

another problem is when I tab out of a game my screen also appears to be tearing sometimes in things such as chrome

This is a brand new pc with brand new parts built ~1 week ago


Here's a list of things I've tried already:

using ddu before any driver installation

installing older drivers

turning off all radeon software settings

installing driver only

updating bios

set pcie to gen 3


disabling xmp

changing power plans

uninstalling every other thing that could tinker with settings (dragon center, ryzen master, afterburner, etc)

changing from hdmi to dp and back and forth

mightve missed a few


I've also run many stress tests and memtest86 for hours and no errors or any crashing occurred. My pc has also never crashed outside of video games as far as I'm aware.

My games run at amazing fps and my temps are fine, fans are fine, everything is fine except for the random black screens that keep occurring. I also got a couple green screens before but those seemed to have stopped.


I've tried to get a minidump file, but no matter how much I try to set it up to give me a minidump on crash, it does not give me a minidump.


Here is an album of event viewer errors that I think may be related to each crash (in reverse order of time by accident):
All the events I think that lead up to one crash which happened around 9:51 am

Sometimes I also get these WHEA errors:
Any help would be really appreciated, and I am happy to answer any other questions although I think I provided a lot of information and detail