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Games running slow after graphics driver update

Question asked by neons_awesome on Jun 28, 2020
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I was having an issue with my screen turning random colors and my computer crashing, and one of the fixes I tried was updating my drivers. It didn't work, but now that I've solved that problem by doing a thorough cleaning on the card itself, all the games I play seem to run a lot slower. I tried doing a system restore, which failed multiple times (file couldn't be extracted, or something like that), and also tried rolling back, but realized I had gotten rid of previous versions. I went to the website and chose an older version of the drivers, but the problem remains. I don't know what version of the drivers I had before all of this, so I don't know what to go to, nor do I know if it would even be possible to as I got this computer years ago and never had a need to update my drivers. I have a Radeon 550 series graphics card.