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RX480 low fps/stutter when playing A plague tale innocent

Question asked by whoiswho on Jun 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2020 by whoiswho

I have super low FPS with A plague tale: innocent.

Just played the first scene/chapter, not even get to the rat scene yet but it's completely unplayable.

Not sure if I need to change any settings or AMD just suck.

RX480 is the recommended system requirements, but here I am with all graphic options set to low and still unable to play.


My spec:
i5 6600 3.3GHz

MSI RX480 Gaming X 8GB


Main Display: Dell U2414H 1080p (and 1 other Dell, tried disconnecting it but no luck)

Windows 10

Radeon software 20.5.1




Does anyone have the same issue?