RX 580 no signal on monitor

Discussion created by dhkdeoen on Jun 27, 2020


Mobo: B450M

VGA: RX 580

CPU: Ryzen 2600x

Ram: Corsair ddr4 16gb(8+8)

Power: Rosewell 750 Gold



When the computer is booted up, there is a higher chance that monitor lost signal from the graphic card after Windows 10 log-in screen. It barely, or never, happens in BIOS boot up screen. It may come back within few minutes, but also can go off whenever it wants. Sometimes it looks like monitor is having a seizure; screen goes off and on in a very short interval. It can happens while playing 3D games or watching Youtube videos. It's been a thing for last several months.



-BIOS update. With M-Flash BIOS update, it should be up to date. Still happens.

-Wipe out drivers and install new one with DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller). Still happens.

-Wipe out drivers and install oldest one. No dice.


Figured out..

-It never happens before Windows 10 Log in screen. Can access to BIOS set up screen whenever I want.

-It never happens while in Safe Mode

-It never happens when graphic drivers were wiped, which mean VGA is the problem(either of software or hardware)



It seems people had same problem with RX line of graphic cards some times ago, but it seems nobody had a solution. It may be VGA's problem, but can it also be Mobo's problem? I need some suggestions or any kinds of speculation.