RX5700 correctly work only with 20.2.1

Discussion created by opiewinston on Jun 27, 2020

Hello everyone! For the first sorry for my bad english. I will use google translate.

My PC configuration:

- Gigabyte RX 5700

- R5 3600

- MSI B450-A PRO

- Kingston HyperX fury 3200 16Gb

- Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Win10 ver.2004

I vaguely remember how the video card worked with earlier versions. I installed Need for sped heat and started running problems. After installing the driver 20.2.1, everything worked. As soon as a new version of the driver came out, I installed it, but they did not work normally. Black screen, crashes from games with errors, etc. Versions that I installed: 20.2.2-feb 28, 20.3.1-mar 19, 20.4.1-apr 2, 20.4.2-apr 23, 20.5.1-may 27, 20.5.1-june 10 and 20.4.2-may 25. Before installing, I removed the driver using amdcleanuputility. After installation, I launch FurMark. Only with 20.2.1 does the test run, with other versions the program crashes. And radeon software restarts. Games, of course, do not work either. What could be the problem? Once again, I apologize for this terrible English. I hope that it is clearly stated.