My application gets killed silently when using OpenCL on RX5700XT and RX5500XT

Discussion created by joostn on Jun 27, 2020
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I'm the developer of PTGui ( In the past week I've received 3 reports from users that my application randomly quits without any notice (Windows does not show a crash notification). All 3 are running Win10 with an RX5700XT or RX5500XT. The problem goes away if PTGui is configured to not use OpenCL. Nothing has changed in the application, the problem was first reported last week and it doesn't seem to happen on your competitor's hardware.


One user wrote: "I can now definitely confirm that it is a driver issue. I had been on the Radeon 20.5.1 driver, but I downgraded to the 20.4.2 driver and the issue magically went away. AMD in its driver update app was actually recommending the downgrade so there certainly must be a number of issues with 20.5.1. "


Is this a confirmed issue, and will it be fixed in a next driver?