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rx 580 don't recognizes second monitor

Question asked by vigob on Jun 26, 2020

rx 580 nitro grapic card don't duplicate second screen monitor. it don't recognizes when clone the screen.

I tried to updating the software version 19.20 (current) to 20.40 but it don't get to install down, instead shows "error 200525_64bit" and, after that, stop the install process.

rx nitro graphic card also change image focus in HDMI scale to 0, 1 or 3%, when my monitor asks 5%.

when I inicialize my CPU, I can see the inicial motherboard's image on both displays, so that in AOC nr.1 monitor as in SAMSUNG Tv nr.2, therefore isn't cable problem.

RX 580nitro goes ahead with trouble always W10 makes cartains program updates.

As I could see, that's not only with me. Pls could anyone help me?