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I feel I need  to vent this and  couldnt find anywhere that seemed more suitable


Having watched the rise (ryse? lol) of amd over the last few years its been like watching a rocky film where the underdog rises back up off the canvas and batters the snot out of the expected winner.


After the launch of the 3000 series I felt it was time to help support AMD  with my wallet rather than just "well  wishing", so I bought  a Tomohawk plus with a 2700x for  my sons machine, a 3600 and an aorus elite for my fall back gaming rig and as I wanted to have an all AMD build I got the Strix OC 5700XT and then replaced my home server with a Threadrippper on an ASROCKRAK X399 board


I was tempted in no  small measure  by the various cash backs, if I  recall correctly 3 or 4 microsoft play  anywhere subscriptions and about half a dozen pretty  good games


Sounds awesome, except  it relied  on AMD actually being able to write a piece of software that ACTUALLY worked


So  the reality was that the AMD product verification software refused to run on ANY of the machines, even when I reinstalled a clean windows install onto my game drive still error after error, couldnt find the hardware,  crashed or  just wouldnt run


So I got absolutely  NOTHING, no cash backs, no games, no microsoft game subs


Then to add insult  to injury the Strix OC 5700XT was a pile of TAT, although that wasnt AMDs fault, but the manufacturers and that is being returned on tuesday


So all in all I find I regretted every single purchase except for the threadripper build, felt like I had been what I can only described as ripped off to the tune of several hundred pounds worth of software and cash backs and find myself now looking at switching back to the intel 10600 or similar with an Nvidia card and ditching the all AMD machine completely in favour of things that not  only work, but dont offer stuff that is impossible  to get as a borderline fraudulent incentive to purchase


Every single other cash back or promotion I have EVER had just needs the proof of purchase or invoice number, its done and dusted in seconds and ACTUALLY works


Whereas AMDs nonsensical approach dependent on a complete pile of trash program that I now wonder if it was DELIBERATELY written to not work  to AVOID people getting what was offered and which is needlessly laborious and time consuming even if it HAD worked


To AMD what I bought wasnt exactly a big deal  the top  flight stuff, but also wasnt an exactly insignificant outlay either which I only made when I did  BECAUSE the "free stuff" made it worth the getting then rather than waiting until the prices dropped, only to find it was hinged on a shoddy program at best or was a deliberate way to "appear" to offer things at face value with no intent whatsoever to actually  make good  on that offer at worst

And that was before the also shoddily written  driver problems that have been ongoing for how long now?


And it seems I am far from the only person ripped off by  the  use of the unfit for purpose product verification nonsense 


Not impressed  and as someone who  WAS extremely excited to FINALLY be able to go  back  to using AMD hardware after what is probably over a decade I am extremely unlikely to be be purchasing any more AMD hardware in the foreseeable future nor suggesting it for customers especially where its "value" is dependant on bundled software or cash backs that are apparently IMPOSSIBLE to actually obtain


What an absolutely appalling show AMD, you really should be utterly ashamed of yourselves


PLEASE ditch this pile of  trash product verification crap and just do offers in the same way EVERYONE ELSE does them, its pathetic