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No DX Found when launching a game

Question asked by skullkid on Jun 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2020 by skullkid

dxdiag shows dx12 but adrenalin broke my system dx cause whenever i launch a game it says "no dx found" or sum shiiiiddd like dat...***??? cant windows software work as it should at leat for once??? 

i abandoned windows for mac long ago back in 2011, since windows was totally shiddy to i had problems with ma Hackint0sh installation, so id give windows 10 a chance for all the games that r exclusive for winshit, but just when i was happy with my installation this adrenalin update broke AALLL my games (51 games i bought for nada now, since i cant use them) sooo dxdiag SHOWS DX12 but no acceleration is found (direct3d, etc)