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AMD graphics driver installation problem

Question asked by zeyadsbaih on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by zeyadsbaih

Hello everyone 

Recently, my laptop suddenly freezed during a gameplay, so i restarted, but the screen is black and the windows won't boot normally, so i booted the windows in safe mode,  i found that the graphics driver causes the windows to freeze, so i disabled the graphics drivers and the windows booted normally, but now i am trying to reinstall the drivers again and still have the same issue, i applied most of the internet methods and non of them worked so far.

I tried to:


- Update the windows to last version.

- reinstall a clean windows.

- update all of the drivers.

- uninstall AMD drivers using DDU.

- install the graphics driver from device manager.


My device is:

Lenovo ideapad y700 14isk, graphics card AMD R9 M375, windows 10 home.


Does this mean that my graphics card got damaged? How can i solve and manage this problem, i need help please.