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AGESA Combo-AM4 V2 cause Win7 ACPI error BSOD

Question asked by okt04175 on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by okt04175

B550 MB. can use Win7 without any problems before update to AGESA Combo-AM4 V2, A

Combo-AM4 V2 cause Win7 "the bios in this system is not fully acpi compliant" BSOD , AMD should fix it.

Also, Ryzen 4000 series Laptop have Win7 "not ACPI fully compliant" problem too.

AMD, you are not a part of Wintel, you should keep Win7 support at least to 2025 before Bug10 can be a Win10 or Win7 market share lower than 5% (~24% now).


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