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Ryzen 7 2700X throttles on Asrock B450-M HDV

Question asked by saah on Jun 24, 2020

I recently put together this setup:

  • Asrock B450-M HDV
  • Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Silentiumpc Fortis 3 HE1425 V2
  • Corsair CM550X
  • 2 x G-SKILL F4-3200C14-8GFX
  • Antec One Hundred

I am using Windows 10 2004, fully patched, performance mode.

HWInfo64 Summary

When subjected to Folding@Home agent on both CPU and GPU, after few minutes the Ryzen throttles to ~0.5GHz every 12-15 seconds.

Task Manager showing throttling

The temperatures seem to be in check (here is a whole day run on HWInfo64 sensors):

CPU sensors

MB sensors

GPU sensors


I found out that when I set 3.0GHz using the Ryzen Master tool on all CPU cores this does not occur.

Please advise on what causes this throttling.