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Vulkan Rendering Issue, Also a bug report

Question asked by xeph3r on Jun 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by david_s

Hello RPR community and representatives. I'm having an issue I very much hope you can help me out with. Basically when using any settings that invoke Vulkan rendering (Low-High) instead of OpenGL (Full rendering) my Radeon Prorender routinely crashes. I really would like to use these settings as I'm not very much looking for hyper-realistic rendering.


First off, I'll list my specs:


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 56 Power Color Red Devil 8gb HBM2

RAM: 32GBs G.Skill @ 3000MHz cl16

MOBO: Asrock X470 Taichi

AMD Driver software ver: 20.5.1 (latest as of 6/24)

Maya Ver: 2018.6 (Latest version for 2018)

RPR version: 2.9.1


So the first thing 'wrong' that I notice is that when I open Maya it lists my GPU memory limit as 4095MBs, and obviously my Vega 56 is an 8GB card. As far as I know this is just for VP2.0 so shouldn't be an issue? Just wanted to point it out.


Anyhow the main (critical) error that I am getting is:

'Can't allocate memory for image, VkResult=-2


Imgur: The magic of the Internet 


Now I am dealing with a rather big scene. Is thats why this error is happening? How would you suggest I deal with it if so?


Also some weird bugs:


If two or more of the same objects are referenced in the scene, only the first one renders


Denoising using machine learning seems to never work (denoiser failed to initialize error)