RX 5700 XT - checkered artifacts 

Discussion created by natzy.orpilla on Jun 24, 2020
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So I just built my new desktop a few days ago and I noticed some weird groups of pixels appearing in-game  such as PUBG and Valorant when I started playing, however, these pixels don't appear on other games such as DotA 2, Rust , and Warframe-- having most of their graphical settings set to highest. 


There are some unwanted pixels on  the hair of the character. (This is in the lobby of PUBG)
Checkered pixel in PUBG character's hair

In this scene, the artifacts only appear on the illuminated area in Forza Horizon 4.
Checkered pixels in illuminated area


This is in Valorant


MSI Kombustor

*If you notice, these artifacts only appear on some areas. 


Speaking about tuning there was neither overclocking nor underclocking applied to this gpu, I just changed the fan curve to keep the fans spinning all the time. Enhanced Sync is disabled.


I tried using Radeon Software versions 19.12.1, 20.4.2, and 20.5.1 hoping it might get rid of those pixels but still no luck. (Did DDU before installing each version to ensure a clean installation of driver.)



I want to know if there might be some issues on the card physically, or just some driver issues. Is there someone out there also experiencing this right now? 


PC Specs:
GPU card: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT 
Motherboard: Aorus X570i Pro Wifi  (BIOS version F12f)   
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X  
RAM: Klevv Bolt X 2x8GB 3200mhz 
PSU: Seasonic Focus+ 750W Platinum (Powered by separate two 8-pin from the PSU)
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Version 1903)
Monitor: MSI G24C4 (FreeSync enabled, just 60hz refresh rate, HDMI)