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Radeon adrenalin 20.5.1 problems

Question asked by kessler on Jun 23, 2020
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Hi all,


I first updated to the May 2020 windows 10 update four days ago and then updated my driver software to version 20.5.1 just after.

After updating, I created a game profile in the AMD manager, using settings that I've always used.


I have 2 x RX580 gpu's, win 10 64 bit and play exclusively Lockheed Martins P3Dv4.5 flight simulator.  After doing the updates, when I start the game, on the scenario screen, the selected aircraft which can normally be seen is now just a grey flickering panel.  I can still select an aircraft but then when I try to load it up the program just crashes.


I then deleted the game profile and just started the game as normal and it works fine - also the selected aircraft on the scenario screen can now be seen - Reverting back to a game profile again causes the above problems.  I have messed about with the settings a few times but basically setting anything other than default causes the game to crash.


Up until this, I have had no problems with the Radeon software.  I do have a multi monitor setup consisting of 3 x monitors in eyefinity, plus another two monitors and a projector ( for outside view).  My previous adrenalin version was 20.1.1 ( I think).


Any ideas how to fix this, or should I try to install version 20.4.2?


Many thanks,