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Unable to click "express" or "custom" installation - radeon adrenaline drivers, Fresh Install Windows 7 SP1 32 bit

Question asked by amdquikcity on Jun 22, 2020

Issue is the same as these previous users: Unable to click "express" or "custom" installation - radeon drivers 



No additional software has been installed, just Windows 7 SP1 32bit


The language of the AMD installer does not respond to my mouse, AFTER I click the Accept and Continue.  It detects me hovering over express or custom, but neither button responds.


I can even use the keyboard to tab, select between each button, but again, enter, space bar, nothing will activate them.


I have tried Adrenaline 18.9.3, 18.9.2, 18.9.1, all the way back to 5/23/2018 & 18.5.1, still nothing.  It does not work.


Just tried Crimson Relive 17.11, and the buttons on the installer does not work.


Finally, Crimson 16.9.2 ACTUALLY WORKS!  10/5/2016


Thank You Jesus!


So, please update this page:… 


All the other ones but Crimson 16.9.2 or earlier are the only ones that work!


Thank you!